Specialised services

Our specialised services are carried out by experts with a track record of success. From helping you reclaim tax you didn't know you could to securing funding that takes your business to the next level, we're more than your normal accounting firm.

R&D Tax Credits

Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credits

We can assess, prepare and submit your R&D Tax Credit claim so you can deduct a massive 230% of your costs against your profits, resulting in huge Corporation Tax savings. If you're just starting out and don't have any profits we can even get you a significant tax refund - even if your business has never paid tax!

Our fees are typically 10-20% of the tax saved.

Some typical sectors:
  • Software development
  • Manufacturing
  • Medicine


By utilising our partner network we can raise funds for a number of different purposes. How we charge our fees depend on the nature of the work carried out, the purpose of the loan and the end invester or lender.

Funding purposes we support:
  • Buying another business
  • Growing your business (i.e. taking on more staff)
  • Restructuring debts
  • Invoice discounting or factoring
Tax investigations

Tax investigation support

Our tax team can take full control of a tax investigation to ensure your rights are upheld and to minimise the risk of penalties and unexpected tax bills. Our fees depend on the scope of work involved but we would usually require a payment on account to become formally appointed as your tax agents.

Cases we support:
  • Personal tax investigations
  • Corporation tax investigations
  • VAT investigations
  • PAYE investigations

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