Build your package

Use our tool below to build your small business accounting package. We'll email your package to you along with your monthly fee based on the information you give us. Our team will then get in touch to see if you have any questions that need answering.

What is your business type?

If you’re just starting up and your business is not yet registered, select the business type you plan to trade as.

What is your annual turnover?

You can find your annual turnover on your last set of accounts. If you've never had a set of accounts or don't have any to hand, enter your best guess to the nearest £50,000.

How many employees do you have?

The number of employees you will have on your next pay run, excluding directors/owners. If you don't have any employees, just enter '0'. If you have CIS sub-contractors enter them here too.

How often do you pay your employees?

This is how often you actually pay your employees their wages.

Which services would you like?

Choose the services you would like included in your package. Accounts and tax returns are always included as standard.

What should we call you?

So we know how to say hello...

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